Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Reflective Blog Post EDU 651

This course has helped me to clarify and understand the meaning behind the myths about online learning.  Over the past few years my views on these myths have changed a great deal due to the fact that I am learning more and more about what online courses truly consist of and how they are beneficial to students learning. 

The biggest take away from this course is how to appropriately identify the myths individuals have about online learning and ways in which an educator can ensure that these myths do not hinder their learning.  In the beginning of this course we had the opportunity to create a personalized learning plan.  This plan helped me to focus on areas I needed to improve upon as well as the myths I wanted to primarily focus my studies upon.

 One of the assignments I enjoyed the most was the note card confessions.  I had never had the opportunity to do an assignment of this nature and at first it was a challenge.  After a lot of time and planning I was able to get the hang of how to create the note card confession and how to tell my own story.  It helped me to realize how much I have changed as an educator over the years and how my views of online teaching has as well!   

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