Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Universal Design for Learning

Over the last few days I have had the opportunity to research and learn about the Universal Design for Learning.  I really enjoyed learning about UDL and how I can use the guidelines to improve my online instruction.  Over the past year I have begun to integrate technology more and more into my instruction and I am trying to create a successful blended learning environment in my classroom.  By using the Universal Design for Learning  I have been able to reflect upon things that I do well in the classroom and many things I can improve upon.  Please take a look at the guidelines below and my reflection to each area.  

Provide Multiple Means of

Provide Multiple Means of
Action and Expression
Provide Multiple Means of
1.Provide options for perception
-My students have a choice in receiving information auditory or visually.  When I first began doing the online assignments I tried to video tape everything I did for the students.  I realized that sometimes they wanted to have something different and read information on their own.

4.Provide options for physical action
-Students need to be constantly moving and doing new things.  As a first grade teacher I definitely relate to this and try to remind myself often of this dire need.  When looking back over the year I think I fell into too much of a rut in doing the same things with the students whether they were physically moving around or changing activities.  Next year I am going to ensure that I focus on this area more!
7.Provide options for recruiting interest
-In all of the classes I have taken through LR I have learned to give students choice in what they are learning.  To be honest I had trouble doing this this past year.  It is not that I don’t want to give the students the freedom, I think it is that I have a lack of organization to enable students to do this.  Throughout the summer I plan on working on this area in order to start the next school year off with a bang!
2.Provide options for language, mathematical expressions, and symbols
-The area I think I do this the most is during our Guided Math groups.  Students use so many different resources and strategies to solve problems.  For example, students may use their Ipad to draw base ten blocks or they may use strictly just numbers to complete the problem. 
-I feel that I could improve in this are in other subject areas such as Reading and Science!
5. Provide options for expression and communication
-Communication, as in all things, is extremely important.  In many lesson I have done in the past I have a lot of student talk going on which includes students explaining what they are doing or how they feel on a particular topic. 
-I need to work on building fluencies with graduated levels of support for the next school year.
8. Provide options for sustaining effort and persistence
- To be honest I feel that this year I was just trying to keep my head above water and I was trying to figure out what I was doing.  Next year I am looking forward to providing students with more challenging and stimulating activities/assignments in order to optimize their learning.
3. Provide options for comprehension
-I always try to activate student’s background knowledge before teaching a concept but sometimes I think I am so focused on teaching the new skills that I forget to do this sometimes.  On the other hand I have my students take pre-tests so that I know what they already know and so I can accurately gauge their instruction. 
-An area I feel I need to work on is to focus more on students being about to generalize more during instruction.  Often times I am just in a rush to move onto the next skill/objective when I need to slow it down and have the students truly reflect on what they have learned.  This will in turn show me their true comprehension of the material.
6. Provide options for executive functions
- I feel that I monitor student’s progress on a consistent basis, however, I need to teach the students to do this as well. 
9. Provide options for self-regulation
-Throughout the school year I feel the students did a great job motivating each other but I think I need to focus on having them do more self-assessments and reflection.  As a teacher I know I have to reflect on what I do on a daily basis in order to be the best teacher I can for my students.  The students need to reflect as well and set themselves to just as high standards as they do for each other.

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  1. Wow, Stacey! I so appreciate your thoughtful analysis of your own practice through the lens of the UDL guidelines. You have identified some goals for yourself and have already begun thinking through how to strengthen some of the guidelines in your teaching. I am glad that you have had a positive experience with choice as a learner and that you are able to apply that to your classroom.