Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Once Upon a Time...

Storytelling is such an important part of every child’s education and is being brought to new heights.  Have you ever heard of Digital Storytelling?  Well if you have not you are in for a treat!  Digital storytelling is a 21st century skill every classroom teacher should be incorporating in their lessons. 

For example, in my current teaching/learning environment I would use digital storytelling to keep the students highly engaged in their learning.  The students in my class will have the opportunity to develop higher order thinking skills and reading skills.  Digital storytelling will also help my students in my blended learning classroom to collaborate and learn new technology that they can use in the future.  Students can create stories together based about the skill they are learning in their guided reading groups.

Not only can digital storytelling be beneficial to students in a “physical” classroom, but also in an online teaching and learning environment as well.  Digital storytelling can be used for students to create their own stories online as well as comparing and sharing their stories with others in other cities, states, countries, etc.In my Blended Learning Classroom I have begun a Project Based Learning project with my first grade students.  The students are becoming pen pals with students in Uganda and forming valuable relationships with the students.  Eventually we will be raising money to aide in building a school in Uganda as well.  One way I would use digital storytelling in my classroom for this project would be for my students to create digital stories about their culture to share with the students in Uganda.  What an amazing opportunity this would be for not only my students but the children in Uganda as well. 

Take a look at a few digital storytelling tools you can use in your classroom.  I am looking forward to incorporating these tools in my classroom throughout the rest of the school year and for years to come!