Saturday, November 1, 2014

Learning Objects and Authoring Tools- Why Use Them?

Learning Objects and Authoring Tools- Why Use Them?

Learning objects and authoring tools are extremely important and beneficial for teachers to use in their classrooms.  The learning objects are created by using authoring tools.  By using authoring tools teachers can open up a whole new world of learning for their students.  Interactive learning objects are pertinent for blended learning classroom environments and online teaching environments.  Let’s review some ways in which learners can benefit from interactive learning objects.

Easy and Fun to Use
Learning objects are easy and fun to use.  Students and even adults love the interactive and eye catching learning environment that learning objects present.  Learning objects are different from the everyday lesson administration.  For example, check out a learning object that could be created by Prezi, an authoring tool. 

Promotes Higher Level Thinking
Many times learning objects contain interactive information which is built in multiple layers.  These layers build upon one another and can be compared, contrasted and enhanced.  For example I had created a Thinglink (which is another authoring tool) which pertained to fairy tales.  This Thinglink started off with the students just creating their own fairy tale story in Microsoft word.  However, it continued to build and one step after another promoted the students higher level thinking skills.  The students not only created their story but then were comparing their stories to fairy tales in other countries and they would eventually Skype with a class from another country as well!
Check out the thinglink I referenced here!

Customized Learning
By creating learning objects teachers can easily differentiate their teaching for every child in their classroom.  The learning objects can be customized to the learning styles of each child and can be applied to the specific objectives each child needs to master.  Take a look at these specific examples of learning objects-  they are amazing!

As you have read, you can see how important learning objects are to educators.  They are easy and fun to use, they promote higher level thinking and help teachers to customize their students learning! 

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  1. You made an interesting point about using layers in learning objects to promote higher level thinking. I could envision a teacher creating a learning object with multiple interactive features or layers, each targeted to a different level of Bloom's taxonomy.