Saturday, September 6, 2014

ISTE Teacher Standards

    The ISTE standards for teachers identifies the five standards which all teachers should meet in their instruction presentation. Below I have constructed a rubric for evaluating a colleague who works diligently to meet the needs of students through various modes of technology.  

    Each of the standards include four performance indicators. The rubric focuses on the amount of performance indicators this individual has met. Every rating includes strengths and weaknesses of the teacher and suggestions to strengthen his performance.

                                      Rating Scale for ISTE Standards:  Teacher Observation

1:  Meets 1
 of the performance
2:  Meets 2
 of the
3:  Meets 3
 of the
4:  Meets 4
 of the performance
Standard 1:
Facilitate and Inspire Student learning and Creativity

3- This teacher strives to engage students in real-world issues and problem solving methods while modeling innovative thinking and inventiveness. He encourage students to think outside the box and to use many different resources when presenting information.
*Needs to work on engaging in learning with his colleagues face-to-face and in virtual environments. An activity which could aid in this area would be using Moodle.  Moodle is an interactive discussion thread which could engage students and peers.

Standard 2:
Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

2- This teacher designs and adapts relevant learning experiences using digital tools and resources such as the aquos board.  He provides a technology-enriched learning environment however the majority of the time it is centered to the entire class rather than individual students. 
*One areas he needs to work on is with formative and summative assessments. 

Standard 3:
Model Digital Age Work and Learning

3- This teacher demonstrates fluency in technology systems and models effective use of current and emerging digital tools.  He does a good job communicating new and innovative technology to students.
*He needs to work on collaborating more effectively with parents and community members.  An example of an activity which could be done to improve this would be to create a monthly newsletter to post on the schools website.  This could be posted on Glogster which will help to inform parents on what is going on in the classroom! 

Standard 4:
Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

2- This teacher is a member of the Technology Team at our school so he models and teaches others about the proper digital etiquette.  *In this area he needs to work on addressing the diverse needs of all learners with student centered strategies.  He could also increase in this area of performance by developing and modeling global awareness with colleagues and students of other cultures. 

Standard 5:
Engage in Professional  and Leadership

3-This teacher participates and exhibits leadership within on school building.  As stated earlier he is a member of the technology team within our school system and is a member of the Media and Technology Advisory Council.  He is constantly sharing with others his knowledge of current research and professional practices.
*This standard includes participating in not only local but global learning communities as well.  In one way he could increase his performance in this standard is by participating in global learning communities.

This teacher is effective in integrating technology in his classroom on a daily basis. He does have areas in which he needs to go a little deeper to meet the needs of students, peers and community members.
All teachers need to take a look at the ISTE standards to ensure they are being an effective teacher who models and applies the standards throughout their daily instruction!

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