Thursday, September 25, 2014

I have finally joined the world of Twitter!  (It's about time isn't it?!)  I can't believe what I have been missing!  Throughout the last week I have had the opportunity to create, sustain, and cultivate my learning network and all I can say is WOW!  What an incredible amount of resources now at my fingertips.  
My first experience with Twitter actually began in 2012.  Although I set up a Twitter account I never really "dug" into what all it has to offer.  To the right is a snapshot of what my Twitter page looked like from 2012 until last week. I just did a shot of my personal information to show how very little I was doing on Twitter! Pretty sad looking isn’t it?!

Well…I sure have learned a lot about Twitter!  First of all I never realized how important creating a learning network is as an educator.  So many times I need new, fresh ideas in the classroom.  Of course I always talk to my grade level to get their ideas and insights but now I have teachers from different parts of North Carolina, other states and even outside the country to steal ideas from! 

In order to really build my page up I needed to do some “cosmetic” work.  My Twitter page was very dull and did not advertise myself as an educator.  Here is my updated information-what do you think?  
As you can see I went from following six people to forty-two!  I can only imagine how many more people I will be following and gaining valuable insight from in the days, months and years to come! 

I could not wait to get started tweeting.  In the beginning it was easier for me to retweet.  This is when you pretty much tweet what another person or organization has tweeted previously.  Here is my first retweet! 

Retweeting this allows me to share what I am learning with other professionals.  After retweeting I knew it was time for me to take the plunge and tweet out myself! 

This past week my school is having training through the Buck Institute on Project Based Learning.  So I thought why not see if they have a page?  I did a search and found exactly what I was looking for. How powerful is it to apply what you are currently learning?!  I figured this was a perfect way to begin my tweeting experience!  J

This is only the beginning in the world of Twitter.  It is so easy to use, a tremendously valuable resource and fun way to create, sustain my learning network.  Now I find myself constantly signing onto Twitter! 

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  1. This is exciting! As you invest time in engaging with others via Twitter, I hope you find your time there to be useful for your own professional learning. I look forward to hearing more about your PLN progress as the semester continues!